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Oracle File Write

Hello Readers, There are a couple of ways to write file directly from Oracle: 1) Spooling 2) UTL_FILE Package Let’s see an example of each. Consider a CITY_STATE_TEMP table that has 2 cols: CITY and STATE. Some sample records are inserted and … Continue reading

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India in Australia – Play 5 Bowlers? Why Not?

It’s less than 10 days for the boxing day test match to kick off and it’s only getting tougher to wait. Things are at stake for both teams. India will be eager to improve their overseas record after the forgettable … Continue reading

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Creating Symbolic Link in Windows

Hello Readers, This post will show how to create symbolic link in Windows. It is tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. If you are doing development in Windows and your application is deployed on Unix, most common case, then … Continue reading

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