Oracle Schema Level Space Statistics

Respected Readers,

It is relatively simple to find space utilization of your application in Unix (df -h ).

But if you want to check schema level stats in Oracle, various dictionary tables can be used. Below query would report space used and space available of a schema by tablespace.

SELECT x.tablespace_name,
  ROUND(y.used_space_in_gb, 2) used_space_in_gb,
  ROUND(x.free_space_in_gb, 2) free_space_in_gb
    SUM(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 free_space_in_gb
  FROM user_free_space
  WHERE tablespace_name IN
    (SELECT DISTINCT tablespace_name FROM user_segments
  (SELECT SUM(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 used_space_in_gb,
  FROM user_segments
  GROUP BY tablespace_name
  ) y
WHERE x.tablespace_name = y.tablespace_name

Output would report summary of all tablespaces in the schema:

Tablespace_1 2.89 1.11
Tablespace_2 200.14 1.86

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  1. Manoj says:

    thanks !!! really helpful 🙂

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