Invoke SQL script from Shell script with Parameters

Respected Readers,

Often we have to write shell scripts that does some work (capturing daily data feed for eg) and then invoke a sql script (to persist captured data). You may or may not require to send parameters. Below provides an example to do the same with also passing parameters.

Shell script example:


# declare ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID and PATH variables and export all of them

# define variables to be passed to sql script. These variables can obv also be a result of some complex logic in  your script

# let the sql script name be insert_employee_email.sql. Invoke this file from shell script
sqlplus -s /NOLOG < temp1log.txt
connect oracle_schema_username/oracle_schema_password
@<path-of-sql-script>/insert_employee_email.sql $employee_id $employee_email

insert_employee_email.sql can simply be a sequence of sql statements.

delete from employee_email a where a.employee_id=&1 and a.employee_email='&2';
insert into employee_email (employee_id, employee_email) values (&1, '&2');

Note the & for retrieving values in Oracle and around 2nd parameter for persisting a String value.

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