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Oracle Schema Level Space Statistics

Respected Readers, It is relatively simple to find space utilization of your application in Unix (df -h ). But if you want to check schema level stats in Oracle, various dictionary tables can be used. Below query would report space … Continue reading

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Oracle Generator Series

Oracle lets generate sequence of number or dates. For eg: if you wanted to show first 10 days of April in a particular format, you can get that via dual table in Oracle. Same is the case for generating integers… … Continue reading

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Attitude – Ultimate USP

Attitude!! How important-or-useless is for a person to have this virtue? I am often made to feel it is an under-valued quality to possess. World around us is obsessed with talent. If people were to describe their favorite sports person … Continue reading

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Invoke SQL script from Shell script with Parameters

Respected Readers, Often we have to write shell scripts that does some work (capturing daily data feed for eg) and then invoke a sql script (to persist captured data). You may or may not require to send parameters. Below provides … Continue reading

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