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Spring Dependency Injection Example

Hello Readers, This post is an example of achieving Dependency Injection(DI) using our favorite Spring framework 🙂 Dependency Injection is a feature that benefits us by making the classes loosely coupled. The general concept in DI is Inversion of Control … Continue reading

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Struts Tiles Integration

Hi All, This post will be focused on integrating Tiles framework with Struts 1.x. Following are the code snippets. 1) Add a plug in for Tiles in struts-config.xml. Here is the struts-config.xml file: 2) Write a Layout.jsp page. This page … Continue reading

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Cross Context Dispatch

Hi Readers, This blog is dedicated to cross context dispatch in J2EE. There are 2 web applications: 1) ServletJSPAssignment8 2) ServletForwardRedirectTest ServletJSPAssignment8 wants to forward the request to a resource in ServletForwardRedirectTest application. The resource in ServletForwardRedirectTest to be invoked … Continue reading

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